Thursday, January 4, 2024

GIFTS: Super7 Ultimates That Were On Sale!


Ah, Super7’s Ultimates. A line I enjoy mostly from afar, until sales, gifting opportunities, or, ideally, sales AND gifting opportunities bring the price points in line with my misgivings.

First up, a couple of Zords. The Green Dragonzord and the Red Tyrannozord from Mighty Morphin’ Power Ragners. I have the Zord Ascension Project Megazord from Hasbro, and speaking of disappointment at a price point… 

The level of jank in the ZAP Megazord means I’ll never take it apart to use the Tyrannosaurus separately, so I figured I might as well get the 8-9” Ultimates one. Similarly, while they made a ZAP Dragonzord, reviews weren’t great. So, again, Ultimates. On sale.

And like most Super7’s, they look great, have good accessories, and get there by sacrificing articulation. I mean, they’re Zords, they don’t move much as a general rule, but you’re not going to get a lot of dynamic posing out of either of these. But they do come with lots of hand, including the truly excellent missile firing hands of the Dragonzord, metal Power Coins, and mini Power Rangers to carefully balance on their heads. 

Last year’s Lion-O and Mumm-Ra The Ever Living are joined this year by standard, scrawny Mumm-Ra, who, again, is very nice. Hands, some accessories, a wired cloth cape, and, somewhat inexplicably, a plastic cape for freaks who want to take a reasonably articulated figure, limit all his movement, and stick him on a shelf looking like a cartoon. That ain’t me.

Now all I gotta do is find the wrong-bin I put Lion-O in.

Y'all know the answer. So all the free thinkers can all throw your hands up. Ain't no coincidence, this shit isn't random. I'm blaming everything on Cobra Commander

The absolute best of the group? Classic cartoon Cobra Commander, because I got sick and tired of waiting for Hasbro to make one. And boy, does he make up for his single elbow and kknee joints with a cloth wired cape, extra head, all the hands in the world, and a metric asston of accessories lifed straight from the cartoon:

SNAAAAAAKE! WRAPPED AROUND A GLOOOOOOBE! I mean, come on. He’s pretty fucking awesome. 

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