Thursday, January 11, 2024

The Non-Wrestling Post-XMas Clearance Toys of 2024

 I bought a whole bunch of cheap stuff after Christmas, but most of it was wrestling, and For Reasons, those will all be in a separate post.I did add to the New Hope Black Series collection with a classic-style Leia. Like the Luke I got before Xmas, the cloth hooddresscloak isn’t great, but it does allow for proper full articulation underneath, which is a bit of a rarity for Black Series. So she can definitely bend down in front of R2-D2 when it eventually arrives (even longer story).

I didn’t NEEEEEED a second and third Tengu Warrior, but the two-pack was half off and got me to free shipping on a whole bunch of wrestlers, so ultimately they were like five bucks each, and if I end up doing Ninjetti fight scenes with multiple goons, they don’t hurt. 

And they’re painted slightly differently from the originals, come with full sets of wings and hands (but no eggs, boo), so, well worth it.


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