Tuesday, January 30, 2024

FIG PHOTO: “The Ascent Of Groot”


Look, I got all the Groots, at least until they get around to doing super deluxe Kaiju Groot or King Groot. All currently known Groots, so here they are, in age order. 

I tried one in chronological order but not gonna lie, it looked so wonky I didn’t even keep it as an alternative. And all it does is move the last Groot to the first slot. Not that interesting.

Anyway, for the sake of completionism, it’s the Potted Baby Groot and Baby Groot from the Guardians 5-pack, then Teen Groot from Love and Thunder, then Young Adult Groot from GOTG 3, then Adult Groot again from the Guardians 5-Pack. 

I thought about doing the Ascent of Man thing where the middle ones were more stoopy and bent over, but one, I would have had to get out stands, and two, you can’t do anything with the potted and baby Groots, so again it would have looked wonky.

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