Friday, March 2, 2018

The Tuesday Shows

Brings a whole new layer to the “two heroes accidentally fight” thing.
Not much to say about the Tuesday shows this week, albeit for different reasons.

The Flash: “The One With The Fiddler”

A perfectly mediocre episode of a perfectly mediocre season of a perfectly mediocre show. Every good bit was counteracted by a bad bit. A sort of interesting relationship between the bus meta and Ralph was counteracted by it being an Instant Love situation and The Fiddler embodying every country musician cliche in the multiverse. Good acting, bad plotting. And of course, we have the return, after like three episodes, of Barry’s monomaniacal idiocy leading to tragedy. But hey, at least DeVoe is going insane and abusing his wife?

Black Lightning, “Three Sevens: The Book Of Thunder”

If you get past the whole “no don’t kill him or you’ll be as bad as the villain” thing, which is a hoary-ass superhero trope this show still handled better than most do, it was a solid episode that revealed a bunch of stuff to a bunch of people. Plus a super-direct Charlottesville parallel and some other fun social commentary. And a much better solution to the Confederate monument issue than Arrow had for the gun control issue.

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