Sunday, March 18, 2018

Black LIghtning: “Revelations”

Loved the part where she actually tries to calibrate her super-strength.
Holy shit, a lot went down in an hour of Black Lightning.

Let me just run down the major plot developments. Jennifer got her Lightning powers and told Anissa about them at the end of the episode. Gambi came (mostly) clean about his involvement with the ASA, the Freedland version of the Tuskeegee Experiment that killed a bunch of kids and gave Black Lightning His Powers, the connection to the Greenlight drug, and the ASA’s plan to kill Black Lightning.Oh, and Anissa saved her father’s life.

Plus, they found evidence of Black Lightning being framed, albeit kinda dumb evidence, but then the evidence got blowed up.

And, if that wasn’t enough, the reanimated corpse of LaLa is going around having conversations with the ghost of Lawanda, who he killed, and it may or may not actually be a ghost. No way to be sure just yet.

That’s a lot to handle, and the episode handles it all with ease and a deftness that shows with multiple seasons under their belt rarely manage. Good stuff.

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