Thursday, March 29, 2018

Runaways: “Doomsday / Hostile”

Charmingly homeless.
Well, at least I know how the big season finale didn’t get spoiled for me in the time it took me to watch it.
It’s an odd choice to get a ten episode series and use it to tell part of a story. I mean, I get that television is super-serialized now, and I get that streaming services will renew pretty much any damn thing that gets good press, but what if these had been the last episodes of Runaways ever, instead of the last episodes of Runaways for about a year? It would have been VERY troubling.

Because literally nothing got resolved in these ten episodes. By the end of the first season, the bad guy is still the bad guy, the big threat is delayes but not stopped, the specific nature of that threat is still unknown, hero romantic relationships are still tenuous, the one guy who almost died is still kind of alive, and everything is still up in the air. Zero closure. At least the dinosaur finally got named.

ANd this is not to say I didn’t enjoy Runaways first season. I did. A lot. It clocks in at about the same level as a pretty good season of a Netflix Marvel show. Like the fun parts of Daredevil Season 2 or the less inspiring parts of Luke Cage Season 1. I like that it’s bright and sunny most of the time, and that the angst has a different flavor to it than Hell’s Kitchen Angst or Arrowverse Angst. But man, maybe resolve some shit and move on at some point? At this rate, they’ll be 20-22 episodes int eh bag before they resolve the origin story.Agents of SHIELD covers twice the ground in half the time.

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