Friday, March 9, 2018

Black LIghtning: “Equinox: The Book Of Fate”

Gone too soon, methinks.

OK, I like Black Lightning a lot, and this was a good episode, but if it’s not careful, it’s going to move through the ever-changing, ever-escalating hierarchy of bad guys too fast and lose the real drama in the quest for SHOCKING TWISTS.

The shocking twist this week is Tobias arranging for the murder of Lady Eve and framing Black Lightning for it, which is clever, except for two things. One, we barely got any Lady Even at all, and all the hints and stuff about what she was doing with corpses appears to be thrown away. And second, Tobias hints at an EVEN LARGER organization that Lady Eve was part of and that he would cross by killing her, and we just learned a few episodes ago that Tobias wasn’t the top before Tobias becoming the top and then learning that Tobias isn’t the top after all.

The rest of the episode was mainly about coming to grips with Anissa having powers, and the traditional but well-executed character beats of both her parents eventually come around to training her so that hopefully, they can make fewer mistakes that end up with people, innocent or otherwise, dead as a result.

Gambi is still up to shit, though, this week concealing the true nature of the attackers who raided Lynn’s lab. But hey, he’s making Thunder’s suit!

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