Friday, June 30, 2017

Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! "Macho Madness" (6/28)

Lucha Underground gets its Motherfuckin' thanks to Killshot and Jeremiah Crane, but no screenshot because there aren't any good ones on the Internet and I still can't take my own easily.

They fucked my bracket! First, they had Paul London pick up a countout win over Vibora, a.k.a. Luchasaurus. Not a huge deal, because whoever won was getting squashed next week by Mil Muertes, and my other picks - Mil squashing Veneno, Taya defeating Joey Ryan, and Jeremiah Crane defeating Killshot - all went as I expected.

After a few weeks of lackluster first round matches, Killshot vs. Crane delivered the hard-hitting, competitive, spot-fest action I love Lucha Underground for. The match had everything, from strikes and flips and outside-the-ring shenanigans to a good energy, crisp moves, and a hot crowd. Sure, the Dante Fox distraction that gave Crane the win was as perfunctory as it gets, but other than that, perfection.

Crane also attacked Mil in the bathroom in a backstage vignette and did something to his neck. No idea if that'll play out once we get to Round 3 or not.

In the other major vignette, the final participant was revealed, and it's not Matanza, as I predicted. It's "Son of Madness", who is the guy who looks just like Son of Havoc who appeared in the Season 3 trailer. While this change makes me more confident in my pick of Prince Puma to win Group D, and I'm confident Son of Madness will beat Son of Havoc next week in Round 1, I don't know whether Son of Madness will beat Dragon Azteca Jr. or not. Probably not, because they probably don't want to push him that hard before his undercard feud with Havoc, but maybe. We'll see.

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