Sunday, June 18, 2017

Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground: "The Cup Begins"

Well, I didn't predict THAT.
The Cueto Cup has officially begun, and they're plowing through the matches fairly quickly, given that they only have 29 matches in the tournament and half a season before Ultima Lucha 3.

All my Groiup A first round predictions came true.

Pentagon Dark beat Argenis in an opener that started like a squash, and ended surprisingly competitively, with the best wrestling of the night. Pentagon still seemed dominant and dangerous, and the pop for his return was epic even by Temple standards.

The Mack defeated Mala Suerte in a "two big guys that can move" match, but much like the main event, both guys looked tired, and while the match was solid from spot to spot, the transitions and overall pacing were sloppy.

Texano squashed Famous B, of course.

And Drago beat Aerostar to confirm his evilness, with a new awesome red Drago costume and lots of Kobra Moon control and a post-match murdermove. Again, the match never really clicked in the transitions.

But none of that is important. Because what matters is that at the end of the show, Cage, under the grip of the God Gauntlet, went to visit Councilman "I'm Lorenzo Lamas!" Delgado, and as Delgado tried to establish their future working relationship, Cage punched him. In the head. Through the head. The gore was STARTLING. THey didn't show the actual punch but they did show the aftermath, including Cage stepping on Delgado's eye on the way out the door. I have no idea what this means going forward, or whether this is even the end of Delgado (on the off chance Delgado is non-human), but damn, that was a shocking twist.

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