Thursday, June 1, 2017

205 Live (5/30)

205 Live still desperately needs the shakeup they've been hinting at but not delivering on for months.

Sasha Banks was on 205 Live, woooo? She was in Rich Swann's corner as he got pinned by Noam Dar with Alicia Fox in his corenr, because WWE loves to promote a match between people by having those people wrestle each other a bunch.

Cedric Alexander had his second squash in two weeks. They haven't fixed his theme music and they haven't picked out a new feud for him, and it's tough to get the 205 crowd excited about anything, so I don't expect their response to Alexander to change much from its' pre-injury status.

Drew Gulak beat Mustafa Ali by You Shouldn't Have Tried A High Flying Move, which is at least thematic but doesn't really further their story.

And the inevitable Neville-Aries confrontation led to Aries in the Rings of Saturn, thank fuck, because that means he's probably going over on Sunday. TJP was there. Noticeably absent? Jack Gallagher, who a few weeks ago promised to have Aries' back through this whole thing. Whoops.

The 205 people really need to watch more Lucha Underground to see how to manage a medium sized roster of medium-sized wrestlers and give more than the same six of them something to do for an hour every single week.

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