Monday, September 4, 2017

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Just In Time Edition)

This, of course, was about to go badly for Alexa.
More Events of Significance this week than usual, and of course that happened on a week when it took me forever to get around to watching 205 and NXT, partly thanks to the extra four hours of wrestling this week due to the Mae Young Classic.

Alexa Bliss Is The Women's Champion, Nia Jax Turns On Her

Bliss beat Sasha in a hell of a match, but once again, extra title hotshotting back and forth. I suppose they gotta get in what they can before Asuka comes in in a couple months and destroys everyone forever. Post-match, Nia turns on Bliss, making her sort of a face now? The women's division is kind of a mess booking-wise.

Someone Check To See If Roman Reigns Is OK

Because holy fuck did John Cena light him up on the mic at their contract signing. Their match at No Mercy is official, by the way. I don't know if it was scripted. I don't know if ti was even planned. But when Cena hit Reigns with "I'm still here because you can't do your job.", it felt like a palpable hit.

Of course, one of the reasons Cena promo battles feel like shoots is because he no-sells the offense of every opponent. I mean, he's not wrong that his opponents have brought the same three pre-scripted arguments against him for the last three to five years, but at the same time, they've backed themselves into a corner. What can anyone say to John Cena at this point that will get him mad? That will hurt his pride? His feelings? Because nothing Roman brought did the trick, but someone's going to have to, someday, even if John Cena has to pull out his acting skills to sell it.

Some Shit Happened On NXT:

Basically, there's drama around the world title. Drew McIntyre has it. Roderick Strong wants it. Cole, Fish, and O'Reilly want to beat up everyone until Cole gets it. Meanwhile, Roode and Strong had their grudge match where Roddy went over strong and the whole thing was great. Then McIntyre came out to point at Roddy and got beat up by Future Shock or whatever they are. Also, Heavy Machinery had a squash match and they're starting to push Lars Sullivan, who now had "Leviathan" as part of his name.

Kevin Owens Is Angry

As predicted, Owens messed with Sami Zayn this week, directing his anger towards SHane McMahon to interfering in Zayn's nothing match against Aiden English. Crazed Anger Owens is fun, at least.

Enzo Amore Defeats Noam Dar

A Noam Dar cruiserweight match in the first hour of Raw wouldn't normally make the list, but it was Enzo Amore's cruiserweight division debut. The good news is, having Enzo in the ring immediately ups the attention the crowd is paying to the match, and thus, the heel heet Dar drew from beating on him and mocking him.

The bad news is, even Enzo couldn't get the crowd to react to the news he was on 205 Live, and this match isn't going to do anything to sooth the nerves of people who think Enzo can't fucking wrestle. He won with the same finisher one of th Mae Young competitors uses, and without some setup or a name or something, it's not much of a finisher.

Brian Kendrick Beat Jack Gallagher For Some Reason

This was cool, but I don[t know how a clean win over Gallagher after Gallagher spent the first half of the match beating him like a British Terminator furthers the story or the feud. I guess we'll see.

It Still Sucks To Be Baron Corbin

All he got to do this week was get upstaged by Tye Dillinger during the US Open Challenge. Oh, and get namechecked by Natalya, threatening to make Carmella "the female Baron Corbin". Ouch.

Jeff Hardy Challenges Miz for IC Next Week

He won a Battle Royal by eliminating Jason JOrdan, Miz's likely opponent at No Mercy. Nice swerve, actually. I think everyone was expecting Jordan to win. Also, as a result of this battle royal, we know Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt are still feuding, and we're not happy about it.

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