Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Tick: "Party Crashers"

Oh yeah. That's the stuff.
After just castigating Preacher for not being fun, it's a joy to come h ere and praise the fourth episode of The Tick for being the most fun yet.

The party being crashed in Party Crashers is the birthday party for Arthur's stepfather, Walter. It starts like you'd expect, with Arthur's family talking to him about what they think are his recent mental health issues but are really just the injection of real superhero chaos into his life.

Then The Tick shows up. And in the complete opposite of the normal farcy sitcommy bullshit, The Tick is more comfortable there than Arthur is. Walter loves superheroes, you see, and The Tick somehow glides effortlessly into the party, more comfortable there than Arthur.

Then Lint shows up, having been told about the party by Tinfoil Kevin, a crazy homeless dude The Tick invited into Arthur's apartment. And some shit goes down, and Arthur flies to end the episode. FUN. Lots of Tickisms. A fun reworking of the "wubwubwubwub" moment from the comics, and the plot feels like it's picking up speed.

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