Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Preacher: "Holes"

Moooope mope mope mope mope mooooooope.
Preacher needs to do a better job of making their budget-saver episodes not look like budget-savers. I get it, I know how television works, but this was a mopey fucking episode where nobody moved much and spent all their time in like three pre-existing sets.

Jesse goes to a big box retailer to try to get high resolution closeups off a VHS tape, which sort of works, which is just self-awarely ridiculous enough to work within the context of the show. He finds nothing, but possibly only because Fake Best Buy is owned and run by The Grail, which is both a demonstration of The Grail's reach and also completely out of line with everything we know about The Grail.

Tulip is still moping. dammit. I get it. Trauma. But this isn't a show about the lingering effects of trauma, it's a show about a magic-voiced punchyman looking for God and being chased by a scarred man whose head looks like a penis. ANyway, she makes friends with Agent Featherstone Undercover, sort of. The Grail agents are holed up a couple doors down in Denis' apartment building, and Tulip's going from apartment to apartment, trying to erase the physical evidence of the Saint of Killers' attack.

Cassidy is moping about his dying son, trying to find someone to tell him to turn Denis into a vampire so he doesn't have to make the decision himself. He asks Jesse to try to use Genesis to heal Denis, which everyone knows is a longshot, but Jesse refuses on some VERY shaky moral grounds about what The Word is and is not supposed to be "for".

And finally, Eugene is in Hell. I don't think I mentioned that Eugene's current version of Hell is a group setting while they work out technical problems with the cells (caused, it turns out, by Eugene being there) and in that group setting, kindness is punished, so Eugene has to try to be constantly mean. It's the most interesting part of the show right now, but it's still offputting and has a lot of kinder, gentler Hitler in it. So the show's in a bit of a dead calm at this point in the season.

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