Saturday, September 23, 2017

Weekly Wrasslin’ Wrouindup (Sep 18-20)

Never a great week when this gets the top spot.
No Mercy is this Sunday, so a bunch of stuff happened on Raw, sort of. Smackdown was boring and racist, 205 Live was confusing, and NXT did nothing except announce Roddy vs. Drew McIntyre in two weeks, which I don’t even think counts as an Event Of Significance..

Jason Jordan Gets His IC Title Shot

In one of the two most elegraphed wins in recent history, the second being when Jordan wins on Sunday, Japson Jordan won a six-man challenge against Axel, Dallas, both Hardy's, and Elias to face Miz for the belt. Miz left Jordan laying post-match.

Jinder Mahal Doubles Down On Racism

OK, that was unneccessary. Or, as the crowd put it, “THAT’S TOO FAR!” Which puts them ahead of the dudes near me a couple months back when I went to see NXT Live who were doing racist Asian bits about Hideo Itami, but even though that supports Mahal’s point, it’s also evident that his point is a thin cover for the writers indulging in semi-ironic racism. Cut that shit out.

Bayley Returns

In more bad news for Emma, The Hugger returned from a shoulder injury to help Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss knock Nia Jax out of the ring after Jax beat Bliss. The best part? She teased a Bayley To Belly to Sasha in a very sneaky way that the announcers didn't pick up on either. Emma, the fourth participant in the match on Sunday, got left out of this first segment.

Charlotte Flair Will Face Natalya At Hell In A Cell

Hey, everyone on Smackdown thought they should have a championship match, and hey, four of the competed for it, and hey, one of them won. We’ve seen this before.

Dolph Ziggler’s Thing Still Isn’t Working

Just your update after three weeks and nine entrance impersonations.

Did Enzo And NEville Double Turn?

Enzo Amore cut a promo that might have been intended as a face promo or a heel promo, but the crowd turned on it for sure. Neville cut a counterpromo that again could go either way, but the crowd cheered. Then Enzo kicked Neville in the balls. If anyone knows what’s going on, e-mail the WWE and let them know.

Roman Reigns Cuts The Best Promo Of His Career

I mean, it wasn't fantastic, but he took the most direct shot anyone's taken to date against Cena's part-timer, movie star status, by playing a clip from five years ago of John Cena taking a direct shot at The Rock's part-timer, movie-star status. And then they amplified the hit by having Cena not show up on Raw at all. Reigns desperately needed a win on the mic, and this is as close as anyone's gonna get to taking Cena down verbally.

Braun Strowman Finishes Off The Cruiserweight Division

Strowman murdered Enzo, the likely next Cruiserweight Champion, in a matter of seconds, attacking him during his promo. I hate to say this, but this is very indicative about how Vince, at least, sees the cruisers and 205 Live.

TJP Is A Heel Again And/Or Still

And nobody cares.

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