Saturday, September 23, 2017


Oneof these stands head and shoulders above the rest.
It’s been quite a while since I’d added anything to the POP collection, which is pretty good given storage and display issues.

But there’s no way I was passing on Gladiator Hulk, and let’s face it. I expect to love Thor: Ragnarok more than damn near any other MCU movie, so fuck it, I got the full basic set. I can’t tell if I’ve missed the GameStop exclusive Surtur yet or if it’s just not out and not preorderable. We’ll see how that goes, but he looks pretty fucking awesome.

Hela’s design for the movie is awesome, so the corresponding POP design is fantastic. Really translates well. Heimdall comes in third, both for not having been in POP form before, and for being dynamic. Loki is less interesting than his iconic outfit, but pretty good. Thor’s new look is deliberately understated, and his POP suffers a bit as a result. It doesn’t help that his standard POP is the gun-toting version rather than the gladiator arena version.

Valkyrie really could have used a dynamic pose instead of the generic Funko skinny straight body they use with a lot of women. Something more like the Wonder Woman movie POP would have been cool. But the figure’s a bit drab, which is a shame.

Overall, though, a solid line, and one that should (hopefully) tide me over until the Mortal Kombat and Tron figures hit in November.

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