Thursday, September 21, 2017

The TIck: “Fear Of Flying / Rising”

Oh, good. That’s a mid-season break and not an incredibly confident first-season finale.

And I can’t wait for six more, because, much like Daredevil Season 1, are origin stories. Not of The Tick, but of Arther, and of "Tick And Arthur", hero and sidekick.

In the final episode specifically, Arthur is pulled in three very specific directions - the ultraviolence of Overkill and Dangerboat, the pure heroism of The Tick, and his own desire to just let the system work. Needless to say, he ends up with The Tick, after a bus rescue that establishes them as The City's new heroes.

The celebration is short-lived, though, because, as Arthur suspected, The Terror isn't dead. He collects Lint, as it were, kidnaps Arthur, and shouts CLIFFHANGER! at him as the last line of Season 1. And just as Arthur learns his suit is part of a weapons system designed to kill the Tickverse's Superman-equivalent.

Overall, I'd have to say this is my second-favorite iteration of The Tick, after the riginal comics, but just edging out the cartoon. And while I like the original live-action series, it suffered from both what could be done on a moderate budget at the tiem, and for mostly being knockoffs of the cartoon's supporting cast, a pitfall the Amazon series totally avoids. Crazy Jeff may want his own Game of Thrones, but he should find happiness in  his own The Tick.

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