Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Monday Night Raw (3/21)

Somewhat surprisingly, I actually enjoyed a lot of this Monday Night RAW. Especially the Mick Foley Gets Fired stuff, and the way they wove it throughout the entire roster.

The biggest bit, of course, was Sami Zayn, Hapless Defender Of Goodness, defending Mick to Stephanie McMahon and getting choked out by Samoa Joe for his trouble. The screen time is good for Sami. Being an integrap part of the mix on a a week to week basis is good for Sami. But motherfucker's gottta win some matches, which means maybe having fights with people who aren't currently unstoppable monsters who can't lose to anyone not named Roman.

Cesaro and Sheamus hugged it out with Mick on his way out the door, which I hope settles the question of whether or not Sheamus is a face or a heel and thus what the team is on that spectrum. And as a result, Stephanie tried to get them out of their Maina title match by pitting them against Gallows, Anderson, Enzo, and Cass, because Stephanie is dumb and teams up faces and heels who hate each other and that all goes like you'd expect and it's still a triple threat for the tag titles.

Bayley's connection with Foley gives Stephanie an excuse to be shitty to her, and so Nia Jax beats Bayley and the match at Mania is a Fatal Four Way because otherwise, Jax would be squashing Dana Brooke on the pre-show and nobody wants to see that.

In non-Foley news, Jericho cut another first-rate promo on Kevin Owens, and I love how Face Jericho is just a slight twist on Heel Jericho instead of a reversion to Old School Jericho. Owens beat his ass down, which gives a week for Jericho to get over on Owens before Owens wins at Mania.

The cruiserweights are still foundering a bit. Kendrick squashed Perkins so he could reveal he stole Tozawa's passport, which is a decent escalation of the feud, but why use Perkins for this when you have perfectly good Ho Ho Luns and Lince Dorados lying around?

The big duds of the show are the HHH-Rollins stuff and the Reigns-Strowman-Undtertake stuff. As much as I enjoy HHH on the mic these days, all this fake injyry stuff with Rollins is just weak sauce. And fuck Reigns and the Undertaker and whose fucking yard it is or isn't. Anyway, Undertaker interrupted Strwoman vs. Reigns, chokeslammed Stromwan, and got speared by Reigns, because Reigns. Ugh.

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