Friday, March 31, 2017

205 Live (2/28)

So, say you're a weekly show in the WWE, with your own roster of a dozen plus wrestlers, and of those dozen plus wrestlers, two of them are performing on Wrestlemania, and those two are competing in the pre-show. How do you fill your last show before the big dance? With filler!

Which is not completely fair.

I mean, the first match, a sort of progression in the Dar-Swann-Fox feud, saw Rich Swann defeating Ariya Daivari, in a Perfectly Acceptable Match. Noam Dar's injury is apparently legit, so we can start talking about the Curse Of Alicia Foooooooox now.

Drew Gulak then tried to recruit Mustafa Ali to his "backflips suck" cause, which doesn't work, as Ali continued to use all sorts of flips in a sloppy squash of Local Talent.

Luckily, we have the hottest feud in the division in what's ostensibly the main event of the show, where Brian Kendrick beat Akira Tozawa thanks to an exposed turnbuckle, a.k.a. Lesson #9. Tozawa's early dominance made him look great, and while the extended submission sequences killed the match for the crowd a bit, they got them back with even more submissions, which is impressive. I hope we get another month of this and a match on the Payback card.

The show closed with a reasonably effective talk-n-punch between Neville and Aries. Aries stood tall at the end, which doesn't bode well for Sunday.

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