Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Arrow: "Kapiushon" (3/22)

Now that we know Promootheus is Adrian Chase, or that Adrian Chase is the fake identity of the guy Team Arrow thought he was all along, a point that was not made as clear as I'd like over the past week or two, it's time for that Arrow staple. The episode where we pretty much wrap up the flashback story in a way that super obviously and directly applies to the current situation.

And it's all very well executed, because, well, Aroow knows how to do this. Olie gets tortured by Promootheus, the Russia story winds down, and we learn that KILLING IZ BAD AGAIN. Especially if you like it. Which Oliver does, now, thanks to another retcon.

And I'm OK with it, sort of, kind of, except we've had Be A Better Arrow twice before, first with I'ma Stop Killing for Season 2, and then with I'ma Be Hopeful for Season 4. And while you could certainly make the argument that both of those attempts failed because Oliver didn't address the real problem, the part of him that loves killing, that's not really an argument that the previous four seasons of the show would support. This doesn't feel like The Plan All Along, it feels like another excuse to rehash this plot point.

Still, no denying that the rehash is handled more entertainingly, more competently, and more deftly than THe Flash ever does with its rehashes of Important Lessons. And the thought of an undead Dolph Lundgren, possibly enhanced by Malcolm Merlynn, as the villain for the rest of the season once they deal with Adrian Chase, fills my heart with hope. But unless this torture epiphany leads to a real, permanent new status quo for Oliver and Team Arrow, it's gonna be a waste.

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