Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Smackdown Live (3/28)

Much like Raw, Smackdown killed time before Wrestlemania by reminding you about everyone's feuds. They did manage a couple of interesting things, though.

Naomi's back from injury, which is good news. She made her surprise return after one of those usual match turns into mosh turns into tag turns into other mosh you get before an everyone in the pool match. Unfortunately, this means Naomi won;t be winning the title back at Mania, because if so, they'd have saved her surprise return for then.

The Cenikki/Mizryse match gets about three and a half hours on the two hour show, and it's OK. But that's not what matters What matters is that John Cena's new merch font is the single worst thing about his entire career. Someone needs to put that font through the Spanish announcer's table.

WHY THE FUCK ARE THE SMACKDOWN TAG TITLES NOT BEING DEFENDED AT WRESTLMEANIA?! Instead, the entire division and also the midcard are in the battle roYal? That's some bullshit.

Also, for the record, Randy Orton still sucks.

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