Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Iron Fist: "Snow Gives Way"

Danny Rand, Stalker Of Kun
Hoo boy, that's off to a rough start.

There's a moment, about two thirds of the way through the premiere episode of Iron Fist, where the show appears to just jumpt the fucking shark right out of the gate. And that's when chased by generic hoods, Danny Rand loses them in a Chinese New Year or Chinese New Year Esque parade. I say esque because there's no way this episode happens in February in New York, but still, it's the hackest fucking thing. And the episode wasn't very good before that, or after it.

Rand is a WILDLY unsympathetic character. I hope the show is about him becoming much less of a weird, stalkery creep, but the only thing that makes him the protagonist is that everyone else he interacts with is blandly super-evil. His childhood bully is now an evil corporate stooge, his childhood bully's sister is, by the end of the show, no better, and his dad's partner who totally didn't sabotage the Rand family's plane I'm sure is an evil hermit who faked his own death for some reason. 

The only nice people in the episode are a lady martial arts instructor who Danny stalks and Hobo Wan Kenobi, who introduces Iron Fist to Google and dumpster food and then dies.

The show drags despite having like four action scenes in it, the acting is just barely as competent as necessary, the music and opening sequence scream "fuck it, let's just palette/note swap what we did in Daredevil", and I am not particulary compelled by any of it.

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  1. I told a martial arts instructor that I wanted to learn to be exactly like Iron Fist. He told me to act dumb, insecure and to never make the correct decision. Good news for you is that there's a better villain on the way than the damn Meachams.