Friday, March 31, 2017

Arrow: "Disbanded" (3/29)

This episode of Arrow featured a thing I would normally be mad about in a show like this, but the execution was so solid I'm gonna give it a pass.

Remember how Oliver was tortured last week and forced to admit he liked killing people? ANd remember how through like half this episode he was a shattered, broken man, and how all the other characters commented on how it's never, ever been worse than this?

Good news, everyone! He's over it!

That's not entirely true, but it is true that 45 minutes into this episode, Oliver is back on the right path, thanks to a speech from Diggle. But it was a surprisingly relevant speech, and Amell was good enough to play it as an incomplete healing, deciding to use the team to take down CHase and remodeling the Arrowcave but not returning to the Green Arrow just yet.

Add in solid performances all around and decent plotting and you have an episode that works despite giving pretty short shrift to Ollie's breaking and recovery.

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