Tuesday, April 30, 2024

PREORDER AXQUIRED: Logan / Sabertooth 2-Pack


The trend of increasingly elaborate “new toy” pics continues.

This is the second of the Wolverine anniversary two-packs I ended up getting, mostly because I needed a Sabertooth to go with my animated/90’s style X-Men, but also because I do love a figure in jeans and a shirt.

Speaking of which, the Logan is nice, on the better end of your Marvel Legends figs,with two heads (both with hats, but I have plain Wolverine heads from other figures), clawed hands, regular hands, and most importantly, a hand of “Xavier”-branded cards and a hand to hold them.

I also realized that I have a LOT of dogs right now. So I grabbed GI Joe Classified’s Junkyard and Timber, Marvel Select’s unarticulated Lucky The Pizza Dog (and man I would kill for a Marvel Legends articulated Hawkguy and Lucky), Cosmo, and my TWO Ms. Lions, plus some of my new wrestling accessories, and made Logan And Dogs Playing Poker.

Note that the pic above is the result of a “make your photos look like a painting in Affinity” tutorial, diverging only when the steps included veered from what’s available in my version. Overlaid over the actual Dogs Playing Poker painting with the original dogs and table removed. Here’s what it looked like before the filtering so you can see Logan in all his glory.

And here’s Sabertooth, in a more typical-effort New Fig Pic iwith my VHS Animated Wolverine:

Again, pretty much what you get with a good Marvel Legends fig these days - good articulation, good size, two heads, four hands, and a pretty classic look that’s basically the comics version the animated version was based on, so it’s a good fit for the collection.

This is also my last new thing for a bit. Not a huge bit because this is actually from like a couple of weeks ago so you don’t have the lull I’ve been having, but the switch to BigBadToyStore and their Pile of Loot system means I’ve got one preorder and one impulse buy sitting on a shelf there waiting for a couple more figures - either preorders for May, maybe something from a daily sale, or an impulse buy I’m on the fence about - before I give them four bucks and tell them to send them all to me.

I’m also TRYING to buy another thing but it’s kind of a giant hassle because it’s a Target exclusive that sold out on the website in minutes and it’s four things and it’s no good unless I get all four and I’ve only found one on shelves so that’s waiting in the box in the bag because if I don’t get all four I’m gonna return what I do get and MAN is that a fucking hassle. But Casey Jones needs some friends.

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