Saturday, April 13, 2024

I am Not Technically A Goro Bro


I understand that the rules dictate that the Goro Bros must purchase an original Mortal Kombat 1 Storm Collectibles Gotor, and ideallhy they must also be.a professional wrestler goaded into purchasing it at it’s ridiculous secondary market price by peer pressure. But I’m at least a Goro Second cousin now.

Yes, it finally arrived a couple weeks ago, the fanciest single figure in my collection. Storm Cokllectibles Mortal Kombat X Goro. 

I preordered it in the middle of last year. It’s a world I generally dare not dip my toes in at full price, because that way lies ruin and madness. But as I learned when I got the deep discounted Storm Golden Axe stuff last year, Storm figures are the least compromising. They have the dead-on accurate sculpts and paints. They have the engineering and articulation. They have the accessories. And when it comes to a character where all those things matter, from a license very few companies have or are bothering to do anything with, well, sometimes you gotta splurge.

And then you gotta find someone for him to murder, and you realize his finishe in MKX is ripping four limbs off with four arms, and hey you just got some figures DESIGNED TO COME APART LIKE THAT…

Sorry, He-Man. Even sorrier for the arcade versioon.

Now, he doesn’t come with any accessories other than his necklace, two extra heads, and So. Many. Hands. ZBut Goro doesn’t have accessories and with four arms he needs a lot of hands. 

The top arms have great butterfly joints, and all the knees and elbows are double joints, which allows him to comfortably get to 90 degrees everywhere even with his bulk and muscles. His upper toro is rubbery, which allows for a lot of flexibility in tilting and crunching, and everything just moves well.

I did have SOME issues with a few of the hands not wanting to go on and stay on, but again, there are so many hands that I could get anything I really wanted going. The hands are different but not crazy different, just varying degrees of openness.

And he is HUGE. Clocks in at around 10 inches, dwarfing both the Storm Ax Battler and the Jada Toys Ryu. He stands well, and everything is just so… nice. I’m glad that they only have a few game licenses and most of them I don’t care enough about to splurge on, but man, these are good toys.

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