Monday, April 8, 2024

MORE PREORDERS: Spider-Man Retro-Card Villains

I do love a classic comic / animated style Spidey figure. In fact, I’d go so far as to say if circumstances ever cause me to cut back and reprioritize my collecting, classic comic / cartoon Spidey stuff would be the first thing to keep and the last thing to cut.Which leads us to Tombstone and Jack-O-Lantern.Tombstone is fantastic. First and foremost, he’s properly big, coming in at around 7 inches tall. And the look is dead on. He’s at a nice midway point where he can pass for a comics Tombstone, an Insomniac Games Tombstone, or a cartoon Tombstone. Engineering is pretty standard Marvel Legends, but the overall execution just hits in a way that belies “gray dude in black suit”. 

I paired him off with the ITSV Miles Morales to emphasize his height.

I don’t think I know anything about Jack O’Lantern, but he dates back to like 1981, so there’s a better than even chance I’ve read comics with him and forgotten about them. 

He has a definite Dollar Store Green Goblin vibe but in the best possible way. Shiny green semi-armor, glicer thingy, orange round bombs that are, shall we say, pumpkinesque, etc. lso, now that I think of it, I could in fact assemble a PUMPKIN SQUAD, featuring Jack, Yokai Skeleton, Pumpkin Rapper, and one or more Power Rangers. Shit, I may have to do that this weekend and not wait until October. 

OK, now it’s time for another installment of Preorder Drama, so if that bores you you can stop here.

I ordered three figures from this wave, because there’s also a classic Scarlet Spider in it, who I normally wouldn’t care about but I want one to be the Andy Samberg SS from Across The Spider-Verse.  And I didn’t get him with the rest of the wave, which is a very typical sign gthat Entertainment Earth is once again going to bone me. And thir May ship date (original ship date for the wave) had slipped to July, which is yet anotehr BONING HARBINGER. 

But in a lovely twist, BigBadToyStore e-mailed me today saying, “hey, we’re opening up some more preorders from May, want one?” And so I shifted my allegiance once again, and I think once I get my Black Series Thrawn, I’m done preordering from Entertainment Earth. Sales and clearance? Sure, not a problem. But in the past year or so i’ve gotten burned SO many times, including, it seems, like I’m never going to get a Remastered Green Ranger from anyone. And the whole point of preordering is that I’m trying not to take a chance on not getting the thing. Good job, BBTS. Even with your shipping and your extra buck on a lot of Marvel shit you’ve won my business for good. And you ship faster, too.

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