Thursday, April 11, 2024



So, I had this shelf…

It’s one of three shelves in this weird inset thing in the basement. One shelf is the Bulbashelf. One shelf will eventually be cleared out and repurposed for different display. The middle shelf has, for years, had a jumble of mostly older figures from the collection that I kept MEANING to replace with new stuff and never did.

So finally I got up the gumption to clear it out, sort and stash the contents, measure it, and find some three-tier (four if you count the ground) acrylic risers from Amazon that were almost exactly 1/4 the width of the shelf. Got four of them, put ‘em together, and now I’ve got a significantly higher percentage of the 6” collection out and on display than before. I mean, is it still in the single digit percentages? Maaaaaaaybe? But it’s a lot of figures.

For the most part, I found a pretty good balance point for everyone, then used poster tac to keep them there when cats come investigating. I also mostly eschewed action poses and accessories, saving those for photography in the interest of packing as much into the space as I can. Pretty happy with it, and hopefully I can be better at swapping them out more often, both with stuff that didn’t make the cut this time and stuff that comes in the front door.

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