Wednesday, April 17, 2024

IMPULSE BUY: NECA Mirage-Style TMNT Casey Jones

 Sometimes, all your reasons for “no” stop mattering.

I don’t have any TMNT figures, really. I mean, I have Splinter as Van Helsing, but that literally is a rat in a coat and isn’t really a Turtles figure. I don’t have any Turtles. I’d like some, but NECA is very bad at making them available right now, and while some of them are affordable on eBay, research has led me to believe they’re almost certainly knockoffs.

I definitely don’t have Turtles that would go with this Casey Jones, that’s for sure. They were only released as a Target exclusive 4-pack which I never saw and was, I thought, too expensive anyway. So I don’t have Turtles and am unlikely I’ll ever get the Mirage-styled ones anytime soon. But goddammit I’ve loved this Casey Jones since he was announced. And with Target putting up NECA endcaps with new figures as part of a sort of half-assed event, he crossed my eyes for like the seventh time and I gave in.

I love the comic-line style, very different from how Hasbro handles the cel-shading for its animated figures. I love the proportions and the accessories. Also, it turns out this is a later variant, with even MORE accessories than the original - an umbrella and a pair of bonus arms seen in this pic.

So, yeah, he’s very cool. I did have to get out a hair dryer to swap the arms out - they were insanely tight and not budging, but once I headed him up a bit they popped out fine.

So some Turtles are in my future, but I’m not sure which ones when. The 80’s cartoon turtles don’t really fit my mental “ideal TMNT” image, the Mirage ones are selling for $300 for the four, the first movie ones are all eBay knockoffs, and there aren’t a lot of other styles that appeal to me. We’ll see how it goes. There are some cartoon turtles that are supposed to be part of the Target event that I haven’t seen in person yet to see how I feel about them, but I can live with just this Casey if that’s how it ends up.

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