Friday, April 19, 2024

LONG STORY SURPRISE: Mutt/Junkyard, Imperial Guard #2

 So, yeah, long story involving someone else’s packages going missing for a month and then showing up randomly post-replacement means bonus toys!
Luckily, a bonus Imperial Guard totally works. We were able to move the cloak around so the one opening is on the opposite side, so they can flank the Emperor and have their staff things on the outside arms, which is nice.

Other than that it’s the same as the first one, obviously.

The GI Joe Classified Mutt (dude) and Junkyard (dog) two-pack isn’t something I’d ever have bought for myself. As mentioned, I’m into the weirder stuff in the GI Joe universe, and Mutt is about as standard issue military as the line gets. 

On the other hand, for free, I will absolutely not turn down any Hasbro articulated animal. They’re always excellent, and Junkyard is no exception, especially when you swap out Angry Head for Goofy Head. And you know, there’s always a reason for a Generic Military Dude sometime.

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