Saturday, May 4, 2024

FIG PHOTO: Pumpkin Squad! (In Color)

The inspiration for this photo was just the realization that my collection contains a disproportionate number of pumpkin heads. 

Anyway, we have Pumpkin Rapper from Power Rangers, who came with three swappable pumpkin heads that I gave to Red Ninja Ranger, Red Alien Ranger, and Hawkeye (MCU Kate Bishop). Then the Fwoosh Yokai Skeleton with the jack-o-lantern head option, and, of course, Jack O Lantern from the recent retro card Spidey wave. 

Everyone has some weapons from the Marvel bag, including quite a few of the ones from the Deadpool/Bob 2-pack.

Background is a composite of five images. A space explosion, a Mars landscape I tweaked the colors on, a logo from a dodgy 3D text generating website, a random pumpkin logo, and an In Color graphic stolen from some old British show so I had to tweak it to get the U out of “colour”. 

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