Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Flash: “The Flash Reborn”

That’s how you fix a brain!
I’m not sure how to feel about the season 4 premiere of The Flash. I mean, it was deeply fucking stupid, as per newly established Flash norms, but at the same time, there were lots of flashes of hope for an entertaining season.

There were three main goals for the season premiere. Bring Barry back, which they did confusingly, either intentionally or otherwise, complete with a half hour’s worth of “Let Grant Gustin Act Some More” mental dysfunction that is magically cured by Iris being in danger, which is dumb.

It also put Iris through the Standard WB Emotional Arc After A Loss, which was tedious and predictable.

And it brought Caitlyn back, as a Hulk-style dual personality where she changes back and forth between Caitlyn and Frost when she gets really pissed off or something.

It also established the season’s main villain, The Thinker, who is suitably ridiculous and over the top, which is a good sign. A lot of the levity was back in the show, another positive sign. Barry’s back, he’s fast, and he’s angst-free thanks to his time in Speed Force Prison, which is dumb but welcome.

There are, of course, dangers. A lot of the stuff about Barry’s imprisonment, mental breakdown, release, and recovery feel like Deep Mystery setups that, frankly, I don’t think we need or want to revisit. Cisco’s attempt to translate Barry’s symbols leads to “This house is bitchin’”, which is a good joke, but I dread they’re going to reveal the REAL MESSAGE down the road and it’s going to have GREAT IMPORT. Similarly, Barry’s new freedom from angst is the kind of thing I can’t trust to just be, and instead fear is a setup for the future.

But next week, wacky suit malfunctions, so tentative yay?!


  1. I'm just glad the villain isn't yet another speedster. Also, it's good for you that you're not watching Legends as the season premier was stupid even by Legends standards. Basically, the Legend fucked up then, to fix their fuck up, they fucked up again then, to fix that fuck up, a newly formed time travel agency that, till now, was supremely competent fucked up so the Legends had to come back and finally now fuck up to fix it all. So yeah.

  2. I'm torn about whether to watch it again since the reason I watched it at all is because they're having a multi episode story with John Constantine.