Sunday, August 6, 2017

They! Were! (Mostly!) N! X! T!

Goddammit, Funk, stop making awesome wrestlers.
The new line of WWE POPs dropped at the end of July, and I had to be judicious and only get, um, five of them.

In my defense, three of them were store exclusives that were also available on the WWE store when I was buying the new Tye Dillinger shirt (DON'T JUDGE ME) during the Battleground sale. Way easier than finding Enzo and Cass at Walgreens, that's for damn sure.

And yeah, sure, the Enzo and Cass 2-pack came out right before the set came out, but that's not Funko's fault. Cass is the dullest of the bunch, and had they been sold separately, I might not have gotten him, but, you gotta love that Enzo.

Bayley and Sasha are full of detail, from the BOSS sunglasses on the top of Sasha Banks' head to the "I'm A Hugger" printing on Bayley's headband. And I had to get The Iron Sheik, though he was more because of his life on Twitter (and @midnight) than for his in-ring career. They sent me the chase (red veil) from Amazon instead of the regular (white veil) I was expecting, which I guess is a thing that can happen, and that's fine.

IN the interests of discretion, I passed on Jericho Holding The List and Ted Dibiase, even though they're really good designs. I'd love an older school (no facial hair) Jericho, and I don't have a huge emotional attachment to Dibiase.

The next POP for the collection should be en route tomorrow, and it corrects a summer oversight.

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