Sunday, August 27, 2017

Defenders: "Worst Behavior"

Still a dumbass.
Goddamn, Danny Rand is still a naive dumbass.

But we got a big fight out of it, and Daredevil in a scarf, so it balances out.

Basically, Luke Cage gives Danny Rand a long overdue conversation about the privillege that comes with being a rich, white dude. Fanny takes that advice to heart, and decides to use his rich white privilege against Alexandra, who is rich3r and whiter. This goes badly, of course. Partly because that's not how you use privilege, and partly because Danny just decided to yell at a room full of execuninjas telling them they were bad people and he was gonna destroy them, because Danny Rand's ideas are always the worst.'

Anyway, thanks to Luke following Danny to the Execuninja Boardroom, ,and Jessica finding out about the Execuninja Boardroom separately, and Matt following her there, they all ended up in the big fight at the same time, so now they all know each other and can talk with Stick, who cut off his hand to escape from Elektra and Alexandra, by the way.

We're picking up some steam three episodes in, which is good. Still too much mumbly dialogue, though.

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  1. That hallway fight should have been longer. They're doing a better job balancing out the characters than either of the Avengers films so far.