Sunday, August 27, 2017

Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! "The Cup Runneth Over / The Cueto Cup"

Damn fine match to close the Cup.
Goddammit, so close.

I had three of the final four in the Cueto Cup (Puma, Mil Muertes, Pentagon Dark). I had the final two (Puma, Pentagon Dark).

But going into the Cueto Cup finals, I was expecting Pentagon Dark to win the Cueto Cup, Rey Mysterio to win the Lucha Underground title, and Pentagon to beat Mysterio at Ultima Lucha for the belt. Instead, Puma wins, Mundo wins, and we seem headed towards Puma-Mundo at Ultima Lucha.

Of course, we also have the Gift of the Gods playing out. The Rabbit Tribe have three medallions, but presumably the other four will go to people without big rivalries going forward. That means Pentagon, and... who? Cage has Mil. Fenix has Marty. Puma has Mundo. With no title shot, Mysterio's at loose ends, so he could be involved, as could El Dragon Azteca Jr. Matanza is unaccounted for. Joey Ryan and Castro Cortez now have undercard beef after Ryan unmasked Veneno this week. Matanza is still in the doghouse Killshot and Dante have their thing. Jeremiah Crane is available So maybe Crane, Mysterio, DAJr., and Pentagon for the final four?

One of the reasons I know what all the feuds are, of course, is that the end of "The Cup Runneth Over" featured one of the greatest bench-clearing roster brawls I've ever seen in wrestling. The entire roster came out to fight each other to close the show, all over the Temple, and it was fucking intense.

There are actually only three episodes to go before Ultima Lucha, with that event taking up the last four episodes of the season, so it'll be interesting to see what they do with them..

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