Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Iron Fist: "Falling Tree With Roots"

That was... sorta OK, I guess?

I still have a problem with the progression and pace of the Danny Rand / Colleen Wing relationship. I don't think that fuck was earned, and I'm not comfortable with the level of devotion she shows him, especially since it seems to be less than what he shows her, when frankly, he should be imprinted on her like a goddamned baby duck at this point.

The big shocking mid-season twist of Ward Meacham (presumably) killing his undead father is a good twist, and, unlike the sex scene, totally justified and earned by the things that came before it. The only problem is that it happened between a pair of characters barely struggling to reach a second dimension, so while I can respect and admire this plot twist, I'm not really affected buy it because I have yet to give more than a tiny fuck about either Meacham.

In other news, Danny Rand got kicked out of his corporation... somehow? And Joy and Ward did too... somehow? Because I guess Danny owning 51% of the company only mattered for the past few weeks and doesn't anomre now that he's irritated enough stodgy old white character actors on the Board?

The main thrust of the episode is more Danny Vs. Madame Gao, as Danny learns that The Hand have their... fingenails... deep in Rand Corporation, and have secret offices on a secret thirteenth floor, one of the few old hoary tropes I actually like in this show. Danny and Colleen enlist the Hatchetment to mount a failed raid to rescue the Russian heroin scientist, but they're too late - he's dead and Gao has th eSpace Heroin formula because I guess the scientist didn't take notes ever and did advanced molecular chemistry in his head and can explain it perfectly to a non-scientist while being tortured?

Anyway, Im past the halfway point, and at least Danny Rand learned to respect what colleen wanted for the first time in the series. So, progress?

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