Friday, April 28, 2017

205 Live (4/25)

Still one of the best things going
It's amazing how much the end of the Alicia Fox storyline is livening up 205 Live. Some solid matches and furthering of the stories this week.
The opener was a Two Rivalries Tag Match, but since one of the rivalries was Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick, that's good enough for me. Tozawa picked up another win and another lesson, but I'm really hoping that, like how Kendrick forced Tozawa to wrestle "A Brian Kendrick", Kendrick ends up having to wrestle "The Kira Tozawa".

Mustafa Ali and Tony Nese went to a DQ because of Drew Gulak, on commentary with his bullhorn and his dumb "No Fly Zone" sign, but you can't argue with success, I guess, and the crowd responded WAY more to Gulak getting hit by a flying Ali outside the ring after the match than I expected. There's some legit heat on this gimmick, and 205 needs all the legit heat it can get.

Finally, I get to see Jack Gallagher wrestle three times in one week, in three very different matches, so that's never a bad thing. Here, he loses to Neville to set up a post-PPV confrontation between Neville and Aries, but Neville and Gallagher put on another very solid outing.

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