Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Agents of SHIELD: "What If..."

And why we turn their movie into a Netflix series.
So, you remember all those times when Barry Allen went to an alternative Earth or an alternative timeline and kept reacting like a complete moron even though he knew everything there was different and nobody there was who he thought they were?

Well, the good news is, Gemma is like a third as dumb as Barry Allen and Daisy is like 75% as dumb. I mean, don't get me wrong, unlike Barry, the Hydra-ruled Framework came as a complete surprise to them, so the first couple of times they reacted with surprise, they get a pass on. But Daisy, working for Hydra, keeps acting like each new person she meets and each new situation she encounters is a total shock, which gets old fast.

Once you set that aside, though, the rest is some fucking Agents of Motherfucking SHIELD, with none of Iron Fist's pacing problems and a lot less of the DcTV's butt-ass-stupidity. and it was just refreshing to watch, even when the Mirror Universe reveals were pretty obvious and predictable.

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