Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (Ultima Lucha Dos Part One)

So happy to be wrong about 4 A Unique Opportunity being about Cage.

Not only did The Mack defeat Cage in what Dario Cueto turned into a Falls Count Anywhere rematch from Ultima Lucha Uno, a rematch that built off of, equalled, and possibly surpassed the first while being a very different match, but then the second match hit.

And Dario Cueto turned the match between Son of Havoc and Texano into a BOYLE HEIGHTS BAR FIGHT. And oh, there were spots. And a finish on broken glass. And a finish that saw Son of Havoc victorious.

And then Son of Havoc fought The Mack in the finals, and I was very happy. Sure, the match was slower paced, as both guys sold their injuries from the bruital semifinal matches. And sure, it was short and a little less spectacular. But then Son of Havoc, one of Lucha Underground's home-made superstars and one of my favorite guys on a roster full of favorite guys, got his hand raised and won the Unique Opportunity.

Which in this case was a choice between two briefcases. $250,000 in one, a contract for the main event at Ultima Lucha Tres in the other. Havoc, of course, took the contract. And then Dario Cueto unloaded the twist. A fourth match. A battle-weary Havoc would have to battle Dr. Wagner Jr., new client of Famous B, to keep his contract.

What the fuck is a Dr. Wagner Jr.? Apparently a legendary Mexican luchador who just hit 50 years of age. He looked good for 50, but LU has brought in these middle aged Mexican legends before to pop the crowd, and it never works out great. The resulting match wasn't very good, and Wagner won (earning the $250K Havoc gave up), and if this were any other promotion, I would be sad. But what this ending says to me, in big bold letters of fire, is that Son of Havoc is going to be a big part of Lucha Underground Season 3. You don't strip a title match away from a guy and not plan a big revenge/redemption storyline for him. Well, you do if you're WWE, but this isn't WWE. This is MOTHERFUCKING LUCHA UNDERGROUND.

The big remaining question - how many hours of Ultima Lucha actually remain? Is the final episode two hours? If not, how are they going to give all the matches that remain on the card the time they deserve? My DVR won't know until at least tomorrow, if at all.

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