Friday, July 1, 2016

Bibuta Food Truck

Right off the top, just so you know, shoutout to Billy Tserenbat, of SushiFix and now Bibuta. This little throwback to Forkbastard is for him, because he was sad I wasn't doing the food stuff much anymore, which is both flattering and weird. 

I didn't know Bibuta was Billy's deal until I got to the front of the line. Some of you know I can't see for shit. What happened was, I'd walked past Bibuta last week after already getting food somewhere else, and thought, "Huh, sushi burritos. I've heard of those. I approve of the idea. I'll have to try that." 

And then today I try it and today I find it's run by responsible for easily one of the top three meals of my life. and the best sushi I've ever had. So, yah, I got me a sushi burrito.

Right off the bat, let me drop to my goddamn knees and thank the gods some of you believe in that it wasn't wrapped in a tortilla. Before I got to the front of the line, I was thinking there would be a tortilla. I was emotionallyi prepared for a tortilla. But tortilla is starch on starch, and sushi is delicate, and Billy knows his shit, so there was no tortilla. I'm not sure what it was. Probably a soy paper. It was green and it was thin but it was too flexible and strong to be some kind of lettuce, but too thin and too light green to be a seaweed. The point is, it held the burrito together without interfering with it in any way.

Inside was sushi. Tuna, salmon, rice, cucumber, avocado, lightly sriracha'd mayo, sweet soy, and one other thing we'll have to talk about in a second. Sushi ingredients in sushi proportions, and since SushiFix has some of the best sushi and sushi ingredients around, this is all a good thing. It was wrapped in foil and cut in half on the bias. That second thing is a small thing and a common thing but I still really appreciated what id did for the whole eating experience. 

So now we gotta talk about the cilantro. Because the cilantro demands talking about. I get it in my brain. Other than rice, cilantro is the big ingredient bridge between Mexican and Various Asian cuisines. And I'm a fan of it. And I liked it in this burrito, but I was also distracted by it. The bites that had cilantro made my brain go "hey, cilantro", which is a different thing from "hey, this burrito also has cilantro", if you catch my meaning. If the cilantro were more evely distributed, I don't think it'd do that, but you've also gotta be able to make these things without cilantro for the genetically impaired. It's a conundrum.

Value is solid. At thirteen bucks, if you look at it from the burrito angle, it's a bit pricey, clocking in at about 2/3 the mass of a Chipotle burrito. But if you look at it from the sushi side, it's at least two rolls worth of sushi, and you can't even get two rolls of Byerly's sushi for thirteen bucks. And this ain't Byerly's sushi. Plus, there's that magic sushi thing where you look at it and wonder how it can possibly fill you up and then you eat it and it totally fills you up. 

Also, not that Billy needs more shit to do, but if Bibuta were a brick and mortar counter-service operation somewhere in the West Metro, I would totally work it into the dinners out rotation at least twice a month. Just sayin'.

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