Tuesday, July 9, 2024

FIG PHOTO: “Bro time!”

OK! This is the last thing I have ready to go for the time being. Nothing new coming in the door for a bit, and it’s gonna be about a week before I’m in a position to start any new pics. I do have a project in progress, but it’s stupd complicated and stupid fussy and is producing something to be used in other pics down the line. So let’s go out on a deeply ridiculous note.

You see, Danhausen, Ethan Page, and Brody King aren’t just professional wrestlers. They are also the Goro Bros, professional wrestlers who’ve peer-pressured each other into buying the Storm Collectibles original Mortal Kombat Goro figure at secondary market prices.

I now have a Brody King. I now have an Ethan Page. I have a quartethausen. And I have, while not THE Goro, -A- Goro. So this was a… I hesitate to say “natural conculsion”, given what it looks like, but the idea does flow logically.


Background is a stage from the most recent Mortal Kombat, brightened and made greener to emphasisze the good vibes.

Text was a learning process for installing fonts on my iPad, installing fonts specifically on Affinity Photo 2, using the Affinity Gradient Tool which I still don’t really… understand. Like, I can make it work, but I don’t understand why it’s making me do it the way it does, why that’s better for me than defining a gradient the same way I would a color and using it like one, etc. More work is required.

The “Friendship” was just yanked off the Internet.

Figures are a single shot, and boy howdy was that a pain in the ass to pose-adjust on the fly without the whole fucking thing falling over and needing to be redone from scratch. Managed it once or twice, but also knocked it down once or twice.

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