Monday, July 8, 2024



Been a long road. Seventeen wrestling figures acquired during June. Technically a five week period starting the last week of May, but that was just one guy and it’s June enough. And we end with the final release, the figure that kept my four-figure preorder waiting until mid-June, the best smile in the biz, the tightest tits in the game, “All Ego” Ethan Page.

So, did Jazwares do the former AEW and ROH, now NXT star, justice on his first and presumably only AEW figure? Sort of!

The biggest disappointment is Jazwares deciding to have Page join other esteemed figures like Adam Cole and Taz in the dreaded Rubber Jacket Club, which means you have to chose between “is dressed” and “moves arms”. It is absolutely the worst way to do gear like this and it’s a shame Jazwares went with it.

That said, they did give him a yelling head AND a smiling head, and a bonus pointing finger for the smile and/or tight tits taunt, so it absolutely could have been worse. Head sculpts are decent, paint’s a little bit weird especially on the smiling head. But not too bad. I mean, when/if Mattel gets around to doing an Elite I will definitely be considering it, but overall the figure is a solid 6 on the Jazwares Effort Scale.

The first two pics have been done for about a week, week and a half at this point. Had to go make an NXT Battleground entrance ramp for them. And then, yesterday, well, this happened, and so I grabbed the figure from the Marvel Legends bin where I’d accidentally left him, Brody, Buddy, and Wheeler last time I cleaned up, grabbed the other head and hands from their baggies, made an NXT ring background, grabbed a replica belt pic off the WWE Shop, and spent a little time making a commemorative pic. 

OK! One special bonus pic tomorrow and then I can relax for a bit because Gamestop is taking their sweet ass time between charging me for my preorder and putting it in the mail.

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