Saturday, July 6, 2024

JUNE WAs wRESTLING MONTH: Honoring The House

The last shipment of June was an older batch of orders/preorders from ringside, including, finally, Buddy Matthews and Brody King.

I’d avoided pre-ordering them, because I was hoping to dodge paying full price, but after the first batch sold out, I got on the next run as a pre-order. They came in toward the end of May, but there were two more figures in that order and they didn’t ship until everything was in. So I got out my Supreme Edition Malakai Black and got the boys together for some photos.

 Compatibility with previous Malakais including the Supreme was, I think, important to Jazwares. They all have the horn mask heads, the regular heads, and some version of vest/hood/cloak.  Plus the usual extra hands. Lots of tattoos and clothing details. Definitely a couple of figures where they tried extra hard, and it shows.

I was impressed that, even though Matthews and King have plastic long-vests with moded plastic hoods, the hoods will bend back out of the way to make room for the horned heads, I was worried about that when they first came out of the package, and I don’t know I’d be comfortable leaving them like that for an extended period, but as you can see, it does work.

Also played around with using some TV chyron in the photos. I think it’s going to depend on circumstance going forward.

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