Sunday, July 7, 2024


Almost done! One more acquisition post and one more fig photo post and then I’m caught up, with time to spare before a Gamestop preorder hits my stoop. Wheeler Yuta!On a scale of one to MAXIMUM EFFORT, Yuta clocks in at around a 6.5 - a little more than The Usual. That’s mainly due to the inclusion of the ROH Pure Championship, which I think is a first, and a soft goods Blackpool Combat Club t-shirt, which is an OK bit of soft goods and an OK shirt. Couple of normal hands, couple of fists, that’s it. 

But 6.5 is a perfectly good figure of a wrestler I like, and it means at some point soon I’ll get a chance to assemble the optimal version of the Best Friends. There’s a two month window where the Ultimate Friends Lineup was technically a thing, dammit. And now I have all six of them as figures.

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