Thursday, July 4, 2024

MORE IMPULSE BUYS: GI Joe Classified Weirdness

 Finally got a Trubble Bubble!This has been on my radar for a long time. The Trubble Bubble, or, as it’s officially know, the Tele-Viper With Flight Pod. It’s a Hasbro Pulse exclusive, and I never quite got around to pulling the trigger on it. I was mainly waiting to need something else from Pulse and use it to get free shipping, which eventually happened through the roundabout cart-shuffling that also gave me the Return of the Jedi figures from the other day.

It’s super-cool. It really only has one minor flaw, and that’s that the little brackets on the side missile pods don’t lock into the pod tightly at all, so they’re always popping out. I have plans to glue them in… eventually. 

The figure comes with a white dude head, a Black dude head, and a robot head for people who buy multiples or maybe want to take pictures of a fleet of the things using copy and paste in Affinity Photo 2. But who would eventually get around to doing something like that maybe hopefully in August?

It also comes with a sky mine and a backpack/weapon combo for when the Tele-Viper is out of his Flight Pod, a time known colloquially as “fucking never what are you insane?”

Anyway, tons of great little details all over it, and it was also on sale, so a real steal.

Speaking of on sale…

I was definitely hoping the Iron Grenadiers Metalhead would stick around on Target shelves long enough to go on clearance, and lo and behold, he did.  He is also ridiculous, with a backpack that holds two missile pods, four more thigh-mounted missile pods, hoses connecting the thigh pods to the backpack, a full array of swappable mullets, missiles, flames, and smoke effects for all six of the various-sized missiles.  He’s not QUITE as ridiculous as the Trubble Bubble, but close. Definitely a fun addition to the collection at below retail.

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