Sunday, March 25, 2018

Runaways: “Kingdom” through “Tsunami”

They’re just standing there AND doing something!
It took four hours to get there, but the protagonists of Runways finally started protagonizing.
I’m not going to bother with plot stuff. The point is, Episode 5 of Runaways is where shit starts to really happen. The general dual track theme of the season appears to be our teen heroes coming together while their parents break apart, and while the two tracks do touch each other at various points, it’s mostly the individual choices made by members of each group that cause the shit to come together (in the case of the Runaways) and to hit the fan (in the case of PRIDE).

The point is, it’s all quite good and works really well and I’m invested and I hope there’s time to finish it off tonight even though I also need to watch Agents of SHIELD. The problem with having two unwatched episodes left of a streaming show is you know if you only watch one of them the cliffhanger at the end is gonna sting.

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