Sunday, March 18, 2018

Agents of SHIELD: “Principa”

Axe me again if I have a shotgun.

AoS took a slightly lighter tone this week after the doom and gloom and existential drama of the 100th episode, as they team up with Jake  Busey to retrieve some gravitonium from a ship floating miles in the sky.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. There was some serious shit, like Yoyo  oming to grips with her lack of grips, and a whole subplot about Baby Von Strucker getting co-opted into Veronica Hale’s evil subterranean whatever the fuck it is because she also has old Hydra ties.

But there were lots of jokes, and Jake Busey played an old friend of Mack’s and didn’t turn out to be a double agent or evil or anything, and floating ship and killer robots and shotgun axe and DEKE IS FITZIMMONS’ GRANDSON!!!!!!! which they also play for laughs, which is the right choice here, I think.

Anyway, the team needed the gravitonium because the breach they sealed last week is staying even less sealed than they thought it would, and they need Jake Busey because he knows where the scientists who know where the gravitonium is is.

Looks like next week is even more Fear Dimension flashbacky stuff.

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