Sunday, March 18, 2018

Runaways: “Fifteen”

Making things with 
The plot thicks...Getting back to Runaways after a short break with a decent episode that moves every plot along a little bit, but nothing forward a lot. WHich is fine.

Our Heroes are still divided on whether or not their parents are evil, partly because they’re varying degress of evil, and partly because, well, some of them are a little clueless. We also get advancement on Our Heroes getting powers, with Gert expanding her mental link with the dinosaur,  Karolina experimenting more with her powers with Chase, and Chase getting his dad to work with him on his Punchy Gloves.

Chase’s dad is also strangely insane, and either hallucinates or botches another runaway kidnapping, leading to an attempt to round up a homeless dude that ALSO goes badly, but that’s OK, because it looks like Alien Church Mom is more than willing to sacrifice Clueess Actor Church Dad to keep her weird alien father(?) alive a little longer.

The threads cross over, and the episode ends on a cliffhanger, as Alex is kidnapped by persons unknown from the parking lot of the police station.

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