Friday, March 2, 2018

Arrow: “Collision Course”

Wow, that was some bullshit.

Everyone hates everyone and the city is broke, Wild Dog is critically injured, Quentin is an idiot, Laurel went through the whole Vengeance Isn’t Justice 101 sequence like nobody had ever gone through it before in the history of this show or superhero shows in general. Guess what? They have.

The whole team fighting the team thing was old by the time they hit the midseason break, and the ridiculous machinations needed to get them into an actual physical confrontation were painful to watch. Not to mention small idiocies the likes of which I’m used to seeing on The Flash.

I don’t know where this season of Arrow is going, but with each passing episode my doubts increase that they won’t pull out of the nosedive, and wherever this is going won’t be worth it. And next week everything gets put to the side so we can reintroduce Roy, which is fine except for how it fits with the rest of the stuff that’s going on.

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