Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Arrow: “Doppleganger”

Mostly more fun than a phone book to the ribs.
Last week’s Arrow was the anti-Flash.

With Flash, I was pleasantly surprised when the plot wasn’t tied into the season arc at all. With Arrow, I was pleasantly surprised when it was.

I was expecting a one-off Roy’s In Trouble For Unrelated Reasons episode, at a point in the season where it would be weird for such a thing to exist. Instead, Roy was in trouble because he was part of Diaz’s plan to take over the city by helping to prove Oliver is the Green Arrow, which worked surprisingly well.

And, really, the Roy stuff was the only part of the episode that did work. Well, if you count the related “oh shit we finally figured out the cops are in Diaz’ pocket’ bit. The rest of the episode, with Black Siren pretending to be the real Laurel Lance who had been captive for years instead of really dead, was bad execution of a clever idea. We’ve been back and forth on The Redemption Of Black Siren so many times this season that three more twists, evil to maybe good to vrey much evil again over the course of an hour, is just too much on top of too much already. I’ve reached the point where I don’t want Black Siren to be redeemed, but I also don’t want her NOT to be redeemed. I just want her to go away.

We also are continuing Arrow’s thing this year where everything Team Arrow does plays into the villain’s master plan, but one, Flash is doing that. Two, Arrow did that last season. And three, Arrow spent all this season doing that with a completely different villain, and apparently all the stuff Arrow did playing into Cayden James’ master plan was actually really playing into Diaz’ master plan all along. Which is just fucking exhausting.

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