Friday, October 20, 2017

Weekly Wrasslin’ Wroundup (10/16-18)

THE DEMON CANE IS BACK... oh shit wrong search term.
TLC is this Sunday, so they put some ladders on the Raw entrance ramp and pretended things were important.

Jinder Challenges Lesnar At Survivor Series

I have a question. For how long are how many titles going to be uncontested? At TLC, the Universal Champion is off on his farm. The Tag Champs and the IC Champ are in the main event mess. match. The Women’s Title match is technically being contested but not really because Asuka. Which leaves the Cruiserweight belt as the only “real” title match, and that has Enzo in it. Meanwhile, on Smackdown, their champion challenged Raw’s champion for Survivor Series, which means neither belt will be on the line through November. unless AJ Styles gets a shot, and loses, on free TV.

Everyone Has Meningitis And Wants To Quit Or Something

The rumor world is abuzz with people walking out, being sick, being mad, having family emergencies, or all of the above (see Wyatt and Dallas elsewhere in the Wroundup).. Speculation is rampant, hard facts are few and far between, so who the fuck knows.

Kane’s Back

Despite the huge promotion behind a major, important Raw ahead of TLC, the only thing that happened was the surprise return of Kane, coming up through the ring to help Braun Strowman defeat Roman Reigns. Kane now becomes the fifth member of the Miz’s team, featuring Cesaro, Sheamus, and Strowman, when they take on The Shield this weekend. Other than shitting on Curtis Axel (and the mysteriously missing Bo Dallas), I don’t know why this is happening. The match is gonna be a fucking mess.

Finn Balor Has A New Paint Job

He’ll be facing the mysteriously missing brother of Bo Dallas, Bray Wyatt, with new face paint to presumably counter Wyatt’s new creepy ladyvoice. Yay. This angle is garbage. I don’t actually think the Rotunda brothers are leaving WWE Neville-style, but if they did I wouldn’t fucking blame them.

Ember Moon Joins The NXT Fatal Four-Way

She beat Ruby Riot and Sony DeVille in a very good match Full Sail failed to appreciate. Next week, they’re having a battle royal to determine the fourth spot, which is disappointing unless Bianca Belair wins it.

The Authors Return To NXT

No callups. I guess they’d get in the way of the Bludgeon Brothers on Smackdown, and Raw has no tag team division. They beat up Sanity and The Undisputed Era, which is Cole and O’Reilly and Fish and maybe Strong or maybe not, and is a dumbass name for a tag team.

Yadda Yadda Cruiserweights

Still farting around in various weird feud configurations that don’t mean anything, but the matches are still good.

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