Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Flash: “Luck Be A Lady”

Hey, THe Flas found some of the marbles it lost.
See, Flash? Is that so fucking hard?

Relationship shit: minimal and inoffensive and actually tied into the episode. Do I need Cecile and Joe to be pregnant? No, I do  not. Nobody does. But it’s the kind of thing that will take up maybe five minutes an episode for the rest of the season.

HARRY’S BACK. Harry  makes everything better. I mean, I’m not not going to say I’m thrilled with them writing the black and lady speedsters off the show because the writers don’t know what to do with them and the characters eventually realized that. I’m not sure recapturing the quality of the first season requires shifting the show back to the first season’s Team Flash. But Harry’s back.

The idea of The Thinker manipulating Barry’s return to create a dozen new metas for him to exploit is actually shockingly clever, by Flash standards, and I like it. I also like this week’s villain, despite her doing a knockoff Harley Quinn voice for most of the episode. And I like the way they handled the villain and ultimately defeated her.

But really, it just boils down to not being completely offensively stupid in that specific way most of the past tow seasons have bene. So, kudos. Faith incrementally restored.

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